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A loving angel came in my dreams.
She showed me lifeís not always what it seems,
and brought me to a place where dreams live.
She gave me the gift that I now give,
A Dreamerís Dream.

She whispered, Take my hand and I will lead you through
a place where only sweet dreams can come true.
Close your eyes and open your heart,
For then this flight of dreams so sweet can start.
Dream, Dreamer, Dream.

"She brought me through the darkness to the Light,
where colors wrapped around me, such delight.
A patchwork quilt of beauty without seams,
Each color was a rainbow full of dreams.
Dreamerís Dreams.

She led me through a hallway of pure sound,
with doors flung open widely all around.
And from each room a song would gently play.
I wished with all my heart that I could stay,
In this Dreamerís Dream.

But we drifted in the fragrance of the breeze,
to savot all the flowers and the trees.
We tasted all of life that we could see,
And felt it flow as one in harmony ...
We Dreamed this Dreamerís Dream.

Then came my angel turned her eyes to me and said,
"Youíre the Keeper of these Dreams inside your head.
Find sweet Dreamers, who would Dream of Love and Light,
These Dreams will lead them safely through the night.
Help these Dreamers Dream."

And so I am the Keeper of this Dream, itís true,
But I offer all my Dreams to each of you.
May their loving sweetness visit you each night.
And fill your soul with Love and Warmth and Light.
Dream, Dreamers, Dream!

Groetjes Akasha

Ga je dromen achterna!
Follow your dreams!
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Engelstalige gedichtjes: Dream gedichtjes
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